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The SFD Responder 2.0 is the standard bearer for ankle carried trauma kits and was created by Safer Faster Defense in collaboration with Frog.Pro.it.

An ankle pouch is a great way to always carry bleeding control supplies on your person discreetly and comfortably. The design of the SFD Responder 2.0 is the result of extensive research. Alessandro Padovani tried every ankle pouch on the market. He found that some are too bulky, some don’t carry enough, some are not tough enough, and some try to do too much and are not comfortable. The net result of his endeavor is that next to his box of gun holsters he has a box of ankle pouches that are gathering dust.

The SFD Responder is designed for every-day carry in urban or rural environments. Some of the practical advantages of this carry method are that you don’t have to fight with other tools on your belt line for space, no need to carry an extra daypack or satchel, and more importantly, you don’t have to sacrifice necessary equipment to fit your kit in a pant or jacket pocket.

Let’s look at some of the design details and materials that went into the construction of the SFD Responder:

  • Pockets are made of two layers of tough elastic cloth, lightweight and breathable that conform to the contents inserted allowing for secure and discreet carry of the equipment when walking, running or jumping.
  • Two vertical 1/2″ silicone strips were added in each pocket to further improve the retention of the equipment.
  • Open bottom pocket design helps to “stuff” equipment in and keep it secured.
  • Bottom of the pockets is reinforced with MIL-W-17337, class II nylon webbing and won’t fray from rubbing on shoes/boots like the elastic cloth would.
  • Two PALS MOLLE laser cut in LAHYCO®, a proprietary blend of Hypalon® and Cordura® 500D, offer more storage options if you need it. Using shock cord, Velcro or small pockets.
  • The female Velcro cloth is sewn on 3D air mesh helping tremendously with comfort, fit and breathability.
  • The new Velcro Ultra-Mate® is used for the closing tab. This wide Velcro tab is more rigid and has smaller “teeth” than regular Velcro. It adheres better and stays put even when saturated with sweat or water.
  • Long enough to fit over most tall boots, duty, tactical or hiking.
  • Weight: 3.8 oz.
  • Dimensions: 20” L x 4” W. With the load in the pictures the SFD Responder is 1 ¼ inch thick max.

Whether you are a civilian, LEO, or first responder, you can customize the content of your kit and always have it with you. 

This trauma kit is sold with the pouch only. We recommended the following to store in your kit:

  • Mil-Spec Tourniquet
  • Rolled Gauze bandage
  • Two compact chest seals
  • Emergency Trauma dressing
  • Compact rescue shears
  • Medical gloves
  • Compact permanent marker
  • Miniature flashlight- Can be comfortably held in the teeth for hands free use.


How can I get training in the use of these items? Glad you asked. We have a social distance learning course posted online. Please note that we highly recommend in-person training with a qualified instructor in the use of items included in the kit. Stay tuned for more information about LGC emergency training courses and trainers we like. 

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